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JamboFresh BV is a relatively new, dynamic firm which specialises in the import and sales of fruit to the four corners of Europe. We focus primarily on marketing Hass avocados.


Jambofresh Avocado


The avocado (also known as the avocado pear) is the fruit of the eponymous tree. Originally native to Central America, this fruit swiftly gained considerable popularity throughout the world due to its delicious flavour. The primary ingredient in countless dishes, including guacamole, it varies in form from spherical to pear-shaped. The colour also varies from green to (dark) purple. Only the yellowish-green flesh of the fruit is edible, however. The best-known variety of avocado is the dark-green Hass avocado

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The avocado: creamy, brimming with good fats and suitable for countless combinations.
View several avocado recipes for the following:
- Toppings
- Salads
- Smoothies
- Desserts

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Jambofresh Avocado