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JamboFresh BV

The Company
JamboFresh BV is a relatively new, dynamic firm which specialises in the import and sales of fruit to the four corners of Europe. 
We focus primarily on marketing Hass avocados.
Our favourable connections in the global purchasing and sales channels, sound knowledge of both logistics and the product, and close cooperation with our main producers, enable us to present ourselves as a dynamic, transparent organisation towards producers and customers alike.
Our core values are as follows:
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Openness and Sincerity
- Swiftness, Reliability and Flexibility
- Innovation
- Market and Product Knowledge
- Respect


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JamboFresh endeavours to offer both the producer of quality fruit and the customer the ultimate in knowledge and service in an environmentally friendly fashion, with a view to achieving the most favourable results possible for all parties involved.


JamboFresh forges and maintains close, long-term business relations with both customers and producers, with a view to optimising every facet of the supply chain by means of sound communication and continuous innovation.


Since its very foundation, JamboFresh has striven to become a specialist in the import, distribution and sale of Hass avocados. Although the produce originates from all avocado exporting countries, we place the emphasis on marketing Hass avocados from Kenya.

Thanks to its ideal climate and the geographic position, Kenya is capable of producing good quality Hass avocado for nine months of the year. By cooperating closely with our partner in Kenya, we are therefore capable of supplying a Global G.A.P. Grasp certified product by responsible means. We are therefore also proud to be in a position to market  products that are designated Premium Kenyan Quality.